The NKIR is the Dutch national indoor rowing championships held in Amsterdam yearly in December. In 2019 was the first year we covered this event and it was a great success. Closely collaborating with the organization to tune the livestream to their needs and wishes we were able to create Read more…



At the WinterWedstrijden (winter-races) we first covered an event live back in 2017. From here on out we have been covering this event every year. This has also been our testing ground at the start of the season to test new tricks we have been working on in the off-season.


Waterlinie is a yearly live music event occurring at the Delft Student Rowing Club in the Netherlands. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 it was unable to occur in 2020. We facilitated the move to an online version of the event, organizing multiple camera angles and doing the mixing of the video Read more…