Our origin lies within registration of Rowing Regattas. Since 2016 we have built a great expertise on event broadcast of Rowing Regattas within The Netherlands.

What we offer

Rowing Regattas in The Netherlands are not only a simple competition but often also consist of a full on land event with several food stands, merchandise and sponsors who make the event possible.

At rowing regattas we offer live online broadcasting of the race and on sight displays of the competition happening on the water.

LVC bij NSRF Slot Wedstrijden 2019

Moving cameras

In 2018 we have developed a new standard within registration of Rowing Regattas. To bring the excitement of the regatta right to the viewer we have added a moving camera to the broadcast making it possible to follow the competition right where it is happening.

Having a moving camera follow the regatta as it it happening creates a real life experience and offers visitors at the event the possibility to watch the race which is going on 2km or further distance away from them.

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Every regatta is different and every event has it’s own needs.
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